Women of Courage

Historical Romance is about the adventure of living in a different time period. It’s a love story that was never told. Now is time to take a journey into the past!

The Light at the end of the Tunnel: After coming to America and enduring several trials, Hannah realizes she can make something of her life by opening a hot chocolate shop. She soon finds that starting her own business isn’t as easy as she thought.

When Thomas finds out that Hannah’s shop is struggling, he comes to the rescue with a clever plan. Will she agree to such an unconventional idea? Can he convince her to find room in her heart for one more person?

A Lady of Refinement: Reading is Serenity’s favorite pastime, where she can go on one adventure after another. She wonders if anyone can measure up to the heroes in her books. But the adventures soon become real after arriving in America.

When Jonathan meets Serenity, an educated and courageous woman from Wales, he becomes intrigued with her and wonders how he can win her heart. Her brother gives him some advice, but Jonathan begins to question his wisdom. Should he trust his friend or is he leading him astray?

A Mississippi Sunset: Laura is a liberated and courageous young lady who is convinced that she can make a difference in the small town of Willow Valley. Standing on a tub in Town Square, she encourages all women to fight for their rights and stand up for their beliefs. Equality was her message.

When Deputy Davies meets Laura, he is intrigued with her independent nature. He admires her spunk and wonders if such a woman would be interested in a small town deputy like himself.